About Us

The nucleus of Blackboard Vagabond is Brisbane’s very own daddy/daughter duo Katjamouse. Made up of Michael (Mouse) Bain and his daughter Kat, Katjamouse have been entertaining audiences in bohemian West End since Kat was a student at West End State School. They have crafted a variety of usual musical events, including a complete start to finish performance of Paul Kelly’s “So Much Water, So Close To Home” and a street performance of the Irish classic movie Once, as a 3 act play.

Michael is a seasoned performer with over 30 years’ experience playing folk and rock music in Europe, North America, SE Asia and many points in between. Kat has just finished high school, but has already toured Europe with acclaimed youth choir “The Voices of Birralee” and has recorded with and toured extensively with her Vagabond Dad.

Katjamouse teamed up with some outstanding musicians, all of whom teach with Michael in a Brisbane high school. Brendan Schick on drums, Robert Smith on lead guitar and Daniel Jarvis on bass created the perfect sound for “Maps, Pins and Strings” – a musical meander. And to keep things in the family, Robert brought along Shannon Nathalie to complete this melodic journey.