Patience Review

By Edit Albert

” Patience” is the first song released by Brisbane based Blackboard Vagabond and tackles the topic of consumerist excess and superficial values of modern western society. The 6/8 metre gives it a very happy and upbeat feel to counter the lyrical content. The lead vocals are edgy and with their limited vocal range drive the message home, yet contrast beautifully with the female harmonies. The lead guitar is appropriately parsimonious and at times verging on the repetitive allowing the bass and drums to shine through. The song goes through several dynamic changes but keeping that 6/8 feel going throughout. The slow bridge creates a sound that could almost transport you into a better, magical world before returning you to the harsh realities of the song’s theme. This is a very well crafted song that just grows on you more as you listen to it, and stands out as being different from “the crowd”. I’m keen to hear the rest of the songs on the album and look forward to their release”.